Message from Our Vice Principal

I feel proud to be called the Vice Principal of Atal Adarsh Balika Vidyalya,Gole Market School. For past years, the school has had a long history of academic excellence. Education is not just limited to the classroom. As important as academic theory is, there is no alternative to practical learning and exposure. At the end of the day books by themselves cannot develop students into aware citizens and successful human beings. At Atal Adarsh Balika Vidyalya, Gole Market, we have also tried hard to familarise students with social initiatives and development work. 

Another great way to develop your character is by interacting with people from different walks of life. This helps you to understand and respect new cultures, communities and religions. We have set up many discussions and seminars at the school to promote such interactions. These feedback has always been positive and I have seen many students grow as individuals through such learning experiences. I hope to see this tradition of practical exposure continue during my time at Atal Adarsh Balika Vidyalya, Gole Market.